EMoS Published: Battery Monitoring for Telecommunication Towers

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December 20, 2021
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EMoS Published: Battery Monitoring for Telecommunication Towers

Telecommunication Tower

EMoS student Rahab Uwamahoro has made a notable contribution by publishing her work on “A Battery Voltage Level Monitoring System for Telecommunication Towers”. The paper was supervised by Dr Dina Machuve and Dr Neema Mduma.

Voltage fluctuations in batteries form a major challenge for telecommunication towers. These fluctuations mostly occur due to poor management and the lack of a battery voltage level monitoring system.

The paper presents a battery voltage-level monitoring system to be used in telecommunication towers. The proposed solution is incorporated with a centralized mobile application dashboard for accessing the live data of the installed battery, integrated with voltage-level, current, temperature, fire, and gas sensors.

An Arduino Uno microcontroller board is used to process and analyze the collected data from the sensors. The Global Service Message (GSM) module is used to monitor and store data to the cloud. Users are alerted in the case of low voltage, fire, and increase in harmful gases in the tower through Short Message Service (SMS).

The experiment was conducted at Ngorongoro and Manyara telecommunication towers. The developed system can be used in accessing battery information remotely while allowing real-time continuous monitoring of battery usage. The proposed battery voltage-level monitoring system contributes to the elimination of battery hazards in towers.

Therefore, the proposed battery voltage level monitoring system can be adopted by telecommunication tower engineers for the reduction of voltage fluctuation risks.