Application to Master Programme

Who can apply and how to apply?

You would like to gain knowledge in the aspect of Embedded and Mobile Systems and the strong linkage to regional industries is important to you? Then go ahead and apply for EMoS at NM-AIST!

The application period for the 4th cohort ended on 15 November 2021. Applications will be possible again next year for the 5th cohort. Please check this website for updates.

Before you apply, please check if you are eligible for the programme. You are eligible, if the following applies to you:

  1. I am a national of Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya,Rwanda, Burundi or South Sudan.
  2. I have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in either: (Computer Science, Electornics, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, related fields)
  3. My second class bachelor's degree has a GPA of at least 3.0/5.0 or equivalent OR, if i am holding an unclassified degree, it averages a "B" grade in the relevant subject.
  4. My degree has been issued in the last six years (however irreqularities may be accomodated based in i.e. gender or regional distribution).
  5. I am able to organize my thoughts in writting a motivation statement.
  6. If my academic degree was awarded by a foreign institution, the academic level is authenticated by the Tanzania commission for universities (TCU).
  7. I am able to demonstrate my english language skills through:

    successful completation of a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university where English is the language of instruction.

    the submission of a standardized official Test of English:TOEFL with a paper-based score of 550 (or highr), computer-based score of 213 (or higher) or internet-based score of 80 (or higher) or ILETS with score minimum score of 5.5 in every category.

Programme applications are handled by the NM-AIST Admissions Office:

NM-AIST Application page