Objectives of the centre

CENIT@EA is a regional innovation hub that provides the skills for the digital transformation in East Africa. It addresses several target groups with its activities and offerings: first of all it offers a sophisticated Master`s programme for undergraduates from the EA region. Secondly, the centre connects academic, economic and political stakeholders in the region and outside of it to the benefit of regional development in ICT. Thirdly, it broadens the access to high-level ICT trainings for professionals and university graduates from different fields.

During the second project phase, dSkills@EA - CENIT@EA, the project partners continue to pursue the overall objectives set up during the initial phase. In addition to this, particular emphasis is put on quality assurance, innovation transfer and career services.

In addressing these target groups the centre is in a unique position to pursue the following three objectives:

  • Needs-driven and applied master’s programme in Embedded and Mobile Systems (MSc EMoS)
  • Regional partnerships and dialogue between academia, the private and public sector to drive innovation in the EAC
  • Upskilling of ICT professionals, unemployed graduates and university staff to meet the needs of the digital transformation