EMoS Published: Monitoring Radiation Level

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December 13, 2021
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December 27, 2021
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EMoS Published: Monitoring Radiation Level


EMoS student Ms. Anna Geofrey has made a notable contribution by publishing her work on the real-time IoT based monitoring radiation level, the case of Mkuju river uranium mining. The paper was supervised by Dr. Ramadhani Sinde and Dr. Shubi Kaijage.

There have been several different means of monitoring uranium mining using radiation survey meters and other radiation detectors. However, frequent traveling to the uranium mining site to measure the radiation level is time-consuming and costly for the regulatory bodies. The study aims to present a system for real-time monitoring the radiation level at uranium mining sites using internet of things (IoT) technology. 

The student programmed the system using ESP 32 microcontroller board. Through the inbuilt Wi-Fi it is able to send radiation data to the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) broker for cloud data storage.

The MQTT protocol facilitated remote visualisation of radiation levels from the cloud storage and mobile application. The end-users monitored radiation data in real-time and received the notification message and alarm in case of excess radiation through the mobile application. The ESP 32 microcontroller board and internet of things technology facilitated the system to send the data to the cloud allowing the end-users to visualise and monitor radiation levels anytime and anywhere via the internet.