EMoS Published: Web based HR system

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August 13, 2021
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September 1, 2021
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EMoS Published: Web based HR system


EMoS student Olivier Hungurimana has made a notable contribution by publishing his work on Web based attendance, leave and payroll system for small scale industries: A case of SOSOMA Industries Limited Rwanda. The paper was supervised by Dr. Dina Machuve & Dr. Neema Duma.

For reliable management of employee’s attendance, leave and payroll which are critical parameters the human resource planning of every institution, the use of the latest technology has become highly beneficial. High-level languages like PHP, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, TCPDF, and Xamp server can be used to efficiently store and retrieve data, process data, generate reports.

To accomplish all these tasks effectively, the student designed, developed, and deployed a computer web-based application. It keeps attendance and leave records for every employee and generates monthly payroll, to be transferred to the employee after calculating allowances, deductions, and taxes. Individual pay slips are generated as receipts. Compared to manual or excel sheet methods for processing attendance, leave and payroll, this system processes data accurately at the level of 100%. The developed software was tested for any error and it is suitable to use in any industry.