First EMoS students graduate

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July 20, 2021
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First EMoS students graduate


In a great milestone for our regional Centre of Excellence the Embedded and Mobile System (EMoS) Masters programme has now produced its first graduates. Six students graduated their Master’s degree in EMoS on 12-08-2021 in the 7th graduation ceremony of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIT). It’s an impactful journey with the young professionals, who are now more determined to contribute to industry’s needs for digital transformation in East Africa region. Additional students are set to graduate from the EMoS programme soon.

Graduates ready for the future

Tanzanian graduate Martine Liymo noted that the programme had covered all major ICT technologies. “These technologies can be used to solve various societal problems in the region. Digital skills have become even more important as we can see with the current pandemic since many people rely on technology to work from home.” Martine himself wants to use his knowledge to focus on healthcare distribution in the region as he has already developed a mobile-based platform for wholesale and retail pharmacies.

Call for applications

When being asked about whether she would recommend fellow EAC youth to apply for the Master’s programme, the answer of Rwandese graduate Ange Uwayisenga was clear-cut. “I would really encourage them to apply. Especially women since we are still too few in digital programmes. As women we can do it, we can change peoples’ lives via technology.” All students emphasised that they especially welcomed the practice-oriented structure of the programme. Kenyan graduate Philemon Rotich highlighted, “By not learning only in class but talking to experts in the field, you get hands-on experience. Going forward, I want to focus on Smart Cities and finding solutions for challenges such as transportation or parking.”

From university to the region

Meanwhile Ngollo Daudi, a graduate from Tanzania, will focus on agriculture. “I want to apply my knowledge on the Internet of Things to improve the crop growth in the region.” His fellow graduate Happyness Alexander added that the programme provided digital skills that enable the graduates to work in all sectors. Personally, Happyness wants to focus on e-health. While she has already developed an app mapping health services, she wants to add new features such as finding specialized doctors and making appointments online (read more on Happyness’ app here). She is also working on a tool to predict what might cause certain symptoms before people consult a doctor.

Meet the graduates

These students were the first to graduate from the EMoS programme at NM-AIST. Under supervision of staff from NM-AIST they researched solutions for pressing challenges in their theses.

Ange Josiane Uwayisenga

Thesis: IoT-Based-System for Automated Floodwater Detection and Early Warnng in East African Region, A case of Arusha and Dar es Salaam

Supervisors: Dr. Mussa Ally, Dr. Neema Mduma

Happyness Alexander

Thesis: Scaling Up Access to Health Services Beyong Tanzania and Kenya Borders Through Wananchi Afya Digital Mobile Application

Supervisors: Dr. Shubi Kaijage, Dr. Judith Leo

Martine Fabian Lyimo

Thesis: Mobile-based business-to-business Platform for Pharmaceutical Industrial in Tanzania

Supervisors: Dr. Edith Luhanga, Dr. Anael Sam

Ngollo Daudi

Thesis: Development of a Mobile Application System for Raha Beverages Company Limited Management Communication at Different Levels

Supervisors: Dr. Anael Sam, Dr. Devotha Nyambo

Philemon Kiprop Rotich

Thesis: Development of Indoor Industrial Environment Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks for a Digital Assembly Plant

Supervisors: Dr. Shubi Kaijage, Dr. Devotha Nyambo, Dr. Kiyeng Chumo

Shakila Mbaraka Mshana

Thesis: Development of Self-Monitoring Mobile System for Diabetes Management in Adult Population of Tanzania

Supervisors: Dr. Shubi Kaijage, Dr. Judith Leo

You can find profiles on our new graduates on social media as well, for example on Facebook.