Guest Lecture: HEBO Consult Project Management Training

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December 1, 2021
Guest Lecture at the World Vegetable Center
CENIT@EA Guest Lecture at World Vegetable Center
December 6, 2021
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Guest Lecture: HEBO Consult Project Management Training

Project Management

Bulla B. Hekeno, MBA Project Management PMP – Training Director at HEBO Consult, and George Asamani, MBA Business Development Leader at PMI. were the esteemed guest speakers at the Graduate Seminar of the EMoS programme on Wednesday, 1 December 2021. Ms Hekeno gave a brief introduction and overview of project management, while Mr Asamani delivered a talk about Educational Programs and Opportunities.

About HEBO Consult

HEBO CONSULT is a training, consulting, and Innovation hub, focused on project management, integrated marketing, and human capital development. The Project Management Training & Consulting firm that empowers businesses, organizations, and professionals get the right tools and skills to succeed in implementing programs and projects. 

Roughly once a month CENIT@EA welcomes an expert for a guest lecture during the Graduate Seminar of the Master Programme in Embedded and Mobile Systems. The experts can come from all different kinds of backgrounds: academia, industry, public sector or anything else. The topics of the lecture are likewise intended to cover a broad field. The guest lectures regularly trigger lively discussions and inspire.