30 East Africans Benefitting from CENIT@EA Scholarships to Study Digitalization Master’s Programme
January 26, 2021
East African Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Higher Education
January 26, 2021
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Innovation Pitch Deck

One among the core component of the CENIT@EA Masters programme is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Training and Supervision whereas the Young Professionals during the course of their study, are encouraged to identify solutions to challenges while working in collaboration to ideate and design digital solutions.

The Digital Innovation Pitch Deck offers you insights into opportunities and relevance of digitalisation by showcasing digital innovations of  CENIT@EA Young Professionals that tackle  challenges common to the society and propositions that meet the needs of the industry in  East Africa, highlighting digital solutions, products and services that could potentially improve life and simplify processes.

Deep dive into the highlights of the digital innovations of the Young Professionals of 1st cohort of the Masters programme (EMoS) that are geared towards solving challenges with a brief description of how the innovation is tackling the challenges and the benefits to be derived for the society and industry. Innovations ranging from a Market Fire Outbreak Early Detection System that periodically collects data of market environment parameters through a set of installed sensors that monitor smoke, the Number plate detector which is a mobile integrated system that tracks vehicles recording real-time data, to an App for integrated stock market in East Africa, a centralized mobile trading platform that enables to trade in a single unified capital market of East Africa supporting both domestic but also cross border sale and purchase of stocks in East Africa.