Welcome Words from CENIT@EA to the EMoS Students at NM-AIST

CENIT@EA Launch Event
June 6, 2019
EMoS Students Orientation Week
June 21, 2019
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Welcome Words from CENIT@EA to the EMoS Students at NM-AIST

The CENIT@EA project welcomes the students from the embedded and mobile systems master’s program at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. For most of you, it is the continuity of your university studies; for others, it is the last stretch of an itinerary that is about to conclude and, for some more, it is the beginning of a demanding journey that will involve your greatest effort.

CENIT@EA would like to take advantage of this brief welcome message to remind you that the university -the process that each and every one of you has decided to carry out- is in accordance with what you contribute, through dialogue and the constant circulation of thought.

You are a fundamental part of the future of the East African Community and with your dedication, daily academic work and constant openness at the university you will be able to face the challenges ahead and achieve the goals you and CENIT@EA have set for yourselves.

We invite you not to lose sight of why you came to study at NM-AIST, to support each other, and to think of each other as a member of a family.

The main quality of you as university students is your ability to engage in dialogue and the CENIT@EA project is sure that the student community of the EMoS program at NM-AIST will contribute to enrich it with effort, demand and generosity.

NM-AIST and CENIT@EA support you to improve your vocational skills and to form yourself integrally. This goes beyond simply studying the subjects or courses of the EMoS program.