Laboratories Trainings: Workshop on Embedded Systems

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July 30, 2018
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October 19, 2018
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Laboratories Trainings: Workshop on Embedded Systems

Last week, NM-AIST hosted a training for twelve staff members, five academicians and seven technicians. The training started on 13th August 2018 and was officially opened by Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic, Research and Innovation, Prof. Antony Mshandete.

During the first day and a half, the trainer Prof. Dr. Lukusa Didier Kabulepa from the University of Mannheim provided the participants with basic theoretical knowledge behind Embedded Systems. Since 2011, he is responsible for the Department of Embedded Systems in Mannheim and therefore is an expert in this field of Information Technology.

This first insight was followed by the conduction of experiments and the practical use of the Microcontroller Development Kit for ARM-based devices, which took most of  the remaining time of the workshop. Furthermore, the participants learned to use Keil software for simulation and debugging of the Microcontroller Landtiger LPC1768.

All in all, the workshop was very successful and all participants were happy to learn more about the topics addressed during this intensive training.