Guest Lecture: Richard Madanda (Kiira Motors) on Model-based Engineering

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Guest Lecture: Richard Madanda (Kiira Motors) on Model-based Engineering

Guest Lecture Kiira Motors Model-based Engineering

On Wednesday, 5 October 2022,  Richard Madanda, Director Product Development at Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC)  in Uganda, was the esteemed guest lecturer during the virtual EMoS Graduate Seminar at NM-AIST. Mr. Madanda gave his lecture on “Model-Based Engineering of the Kiira and Kayoola Electric Vehicles using Matlab Tools”. He gave the audience an overview of Kiira Motors and its activities in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles and dived deeper into the evelopment of the Electric vehiclein Matlab Simulink and the Control System Generation and Deployment-Motohawk.

Roughly once a month CENIT@EA welcomes an expert for a guest lecture during the Graduate Seminar of the Master Programme in Embedded and Mobile Systems. The experts can come from all different kinds of backgrounds: academia, industry, public sector or anything else. The topics of the lecture are likewise intended to cover a broad field. The guest lectures regularly trigger lively discussions and inspire.

About Kiira Motors

Kiira Motors Corporation is a State Enterprise established to champion value addition in the nascent Motor Vehicle Industry in Uganda through Technology Transfer, Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Localization. This strategic intervention is poised to contribute to the industrialization agenda envisaged to aid the transformation of Uganda into an upper middle-income economy by 2040. Kiira Motors Corporation is developing long-term technology partnership(s) to build core capabilities to Develop, Make, and Sell motor vehicles and components in Africa on a Mission to build a better Uganda through Automotive Technology.