CENIT@EA will establish a teaching and research excellence centre focused on Embedded and Mobile Systems with high educational, academic, and practical relevance. The Centre of Excellence will be supported by an international network and managed by a Centre Director, assisted by Deputy Centre Director, who will report to the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics, Research and Innovations at the NM-AIST. On the operational level the Centre shall maintain a lean administrative office with Centre Personnel to assist in day to day administration. All academic matters of the Centre shall be dealt with in the school of COCSE while the centre is expected to be managing research, internships, partnerships and projects. The centre shall be there beyond the project’s lifetime and therefore it must be able to raise funds to support its activities. The centre aims to implement new study programmes at the NM-AIST. It is envisioned that the programme integration will take place at faculty/school and departmental levels. Aligned to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)-BMZ Results Framework, CENIT@EA builds on the following three pillars and respective outcomes